For two decades HydroFLOW has been a proven technology for industrial, maritime, and residential markets.

  • Dissolve and remove existing scale
  • Prevent new scale accumulation
  • Treat bacteria and algae
  • Enhance filtration efficiency
  • Inhibit corrosion.

D&W Marine is proud to be the exclusive HydroFLOW USA Maritime distributer.

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Exclusive Hydropath Marine products

The Hydropath Marine (HM) range is specifically designed for maritime operations. Specifically geared towards water treatment benefits to include scale protection and bio-fouling control in both fresh and sea water systems.

Designed for ease of installation, the device is simply assembled around the pipe and connected to an 87-240V AC 47-63 Hz power source. Standard sized units fit pipes ranging from 25mm (1”) to 200mm (7 ⅞”) maximum outer diameter. For larger pipe sizes, devices can be custom manufactured to meet specific requirements. This durable water conditioner is fully encapsulated and waterproof, with an IP rating of 68 and incorporates a specially designed surge protector.

Key Benefits of this green technology

  • Prevents the buildup of minerals and deposits in the vessel’s water systems (fresh and salt water), steam systems, heat exchangers, boilers, CHT systems, galley systems, water-cooled bearing assemblies.
  • 100% non-invasive technology. Requires zero penetration into existing closed systems to function.
  • Causes biofilm to detach and flush out of the system.
  • Decreases the risk of waterborne pathogenic contamination.
  • Reduces down-time and corrective maintenance requirements.
  • Green technology reduces or eliminates need for chemicals.
  • Proven, Reliable, Cost-Effective solution!

Case Studies

Hydropath Marine has completed some case studies to show the efficiency of this technology. You can download the pdfs below.

HM Units Diagram

Food Service Applications

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