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Our demonstrated abilities as merchant mariners, enabled our firm to earn work providing marine engineering operations during builders and acceptance trials on domestic new build vessels.

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Maritime Maintenance Engineering

D&W has a strong history of providing Navy Port Engineers who perform at the cutting edge of their field. The Port Engineer is the ship’s lifeline pertaining to maintenance and repair.   Responsible for defining the scope and type of maintenance necessary to maintain the operational readiness of vessels in support of Fleet Commander’s mission requirements.

D&W’s maritime maintenance engineering and support is second to none and is at the core of our business. Our global experience encompasses international port engineering and logistical efforts in support of operational U.S.S. vessels at home and abroad, as well as Foreign Military Sales (FMS).   Our teams are comprised of former US Military personnel who have prior experience in these positions from around the globe (We’ve been there and done that!).

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At D&W, our maritime maintenance practices are built on the principles of Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) an ongoing, systematic process of matching critical systems with the most cost-effective maintenance strategy to maximize reliability. Our experts plan maintenance programs at all levels (organizational, intermediate and depot), leading to the assets we support having the highest degree of readiness.


D&W Marine provides a variety of Information Technology (IT) and cybersecurity services. Furnishing compliant solutions based on U.S. Department of Defense IT / cybersecurity standards.   In this fast-paced and highly dynamic environment, we provide our clients with the most favorable of outcomes under the most stringent security requirements.

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