D&W Marine Systems Management Diving Department personnel combine decades of proven operational experience in the most demanding global assignments with agile, results-oriented solutions in a complex environment.

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D&W provides world-wide support and technical expertise to a number of Department of Defense organizations, U.S. Warships and small boats, Type Commanders, Systems Commanders, and operational units. Our team of experts combine decades of proven, global operational experience with advanced education and training to provide our clients increased capabilities and proven results.

Our mission is to guide, support, and enable the safest and most efficient dive teams in the world. As your trusted advisor, our role is providing objective and results-oriented analysis, solutions, and implementation in support of diving, and hyperbaric chamber operations and program oversight.

Principal Mission Areas

  Diving Program Development and Oversight

  Hyperbaric Chamber System Operation, Maintenance, and Training

  Salvage Plan Development and Oversight

  Safety Assessment and Planning / Risk Mitigation

  Tailored Training: Foreign Nationals / U.S. Military

  Operations and Process Improvement

  Consultation Changes

  Underwater Ship’s Husbandry / Repair

  Equipment Maintenance Programs and Management

  Master level leadership development focused on critical thinking, decision making, identifying centers of gravity, and consequential management in high risk environments


Core Competencies

  Diving program assessment and evaluations

  Dive system and recompression chamber operation, maintenance, and training

  Hands-on training for Foreign Nationals and U.S. Military

  New dive program development amd infrastructure support

  Diving process analysis and development (operating and emergency procedures)

  Equipment maintenance prograams and management analysis

  Safety and regulatory compliance (state & federal)

  Risk mitigation and operational risk management (assessment, training, and oversight)

  Tailored training development

  Exercise planning and oversight / Table-top exercises

  Response plan and pre-incident planning development

  Diving system analysis and certification

  Project management

  Operations and process improvement

  Consultation services for federal, state, and local diving teams, corporations, and insurance providers

Key Differentiators

U.S. Navy Master Divers: All with 3+ decades of diving experience and program management in Saturation, Mixed Gas, Closed and Semi-Closed Circuit and Hyperbaric Chamber operations

Master Training Specialists / curriculum development

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Operational Risk Management supervisors / program managers

Global diving experience with over 20 foreign nations

Certified Hyperbaric Technicians

Underwater Ship Repair Specialists

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