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Qualified, Committed, Effective:

Qualified: We refuse to take on a job for which we are not qualified. Committed: Once we take on a job, we are committed with every resource necessary to achieve the goal(s). Effective: We aim to achieve goal(s) in the most efficient manner using best practices or inventing new and ethical practices, as required.

Advanced Methods

Our tool kit consists of advanced methods, such as: failure mode and effects analysis, mean-time between failure analysis, reliability-centered maintenance, reverse engineering, finite element analysis, closed-loop logistics supply chain, just-in-time delivery.

Sound, Basic Engineering Foundation:

Our professionals discern the correct method to achieve goals for the right price, at the right time. These values are not lost on us. Despite the allure to force feed advanced methods, we understand that, often times, sound, basic engineering methods prevail most efficiently in tackling problems, and can out-perform advanced methods in some applications. Our employees’ experience allows us to effectively differentiate.

Classification Agencies:

We are experienced in navigating Classification Agency requirements and can benefit the client by advising appropriately of such. Whether NAVSEA, ABS, Lloyds, Chinese Classification Society (CCS) or other agencies – our employees have the experience and know- how to protect the client through the correct technical support and advice.

Global Networks:

By leveraging our team’s domestic and international experience, prospective clients can utilize our global contacts that include many major OEMs, major shipyards, service providers, husbandry agents, logistics hubs, partner agencies and teams, as well as general professional network contacts the world over. We provide meaningful strategic reach-back into locations such as Washington DC, Norfolk, New York, Boston, Detroit, Tampa, Houston, New Orleans, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Bremerton, Honolulu, Glasgow, Frederikshavn, Naples, Cape Town, Dubai, Bahrain, Baghdad, Basra, Umm Qasr, Mumbai, Yokosuka, Sasebo, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.