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Marine Engineering Spectrum: We Cover All Your Needs



Getting equipment, spares and needed consumables to assets across the globe can be a daunting task. We have experience and know-how in working in logistically challenged regions in the world and understand the importance of knowing how to navigate through subjects like end-user agreements, ITAR and goods and services embargoes.

Identifying the proper requirements is amplified when working in ‘hard to reach’ areas and is an area in which we excel. We also provide support on the receiving end through inventory control practices. We have multiple logistics partners - both foreign and domestic - that can provide just about any needed part to meet our client’s needs.

Heavy Marine Projects

We can provide technical advice and the correct level of oversight rigor on just about any major industrial repair. We have multiple decades of experience of planning and executing overhaul periods of all marine equipment, including widespread hull replacement, shaft repairs, propeller repairs, engine overhauls, stern tube replacements, tank repairs, and HVAC modernization. We also specialize in preparing vessels for delivery and heavy-lift.

Additionally, we have qualified engineers experienced in marine coatings who have experience with R&D projects involving Naval Research Laboratories test and evaluations of new generation coatings in conjunction with leading coatings suppliers.

Operations & Training

Our employees possess licenses such as Professional Engineer, and are USCG-qualified, engineering-department crew members for any tonnage, any horsepower, steam, diesel or gas turbine plants, and any combination thereof. Our employees are experienced on nearly every type of major commercial application, and have served as active-duty officers or performed as Port Engineers for nearly every type of US Navy vessel in the current fleet.

Our operational background and ability enables us to operate and/or train in multiple plant designs in great detail, complimenting our extensive abilities in the repair and modernization arena. We leverage experiences such as training foreign Navies to operate newly delivered vessels to demonstrate our mission reach.