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Emerging Premier Solutions Provider:

Our firm’s voyage began in the summer of 2012 providing on-board vessel operations and training for a foreign military sales case administered by Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and Naval Air Command (NAVAIR). Our demonstrated abilities quickly allowed our firm to earn additional work providing marine engineering operations during builders and acceptance trials on domestic new build vessels, followed with additional work preparing vessels for tow, heavy-lift and ultimate delivery to the overseas customer.

Our employees provided seamless coverage for all engineering aspects, including all technical and logistics requirements for the entire engineering plant, covering the entire process of equipment lay-up, towing, heavy-lift loading, heavy-lift unloading, re-activation, re-activation trials and repair period, and ultimate delivery and demonstration of vessels to the foreign client.

We ensured successful delivery and acceptance to/by the client and since then, our team continues to provide exceptional in- country warranty support, underway operational training, technical assistance, logistics support, and operational support to the client. Our work ethic and deliverables validates our reputation and we take pride in continuing that trend.

In addition to our current global maritime solutions presence, we possess significant expertise in mechanical robotic applications, including experience at the National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) at Carnegie Mellon University.

We also provide engineering solutions relating to wireless technologies, recently undertaking a joint venture to modify existing communication receivers and providing prototype models that increase module output channel capacities by 25%.

Additionally, our wireless communications and electronic experience provides access to multiple emerging technologies providing access to low-energy, high efficiency LED lighting solutions for maritime interests.

Given our comprehensive talent level, we take pride in our ability to offer world class professionals. Our people are our most valuable resource and through them, we are able to offer the level of service and comprehensive solutions that we do. Our employees embody distinct, complementary and cohesive competencies resulting in distinguished and exhaustive client specific solutions. We recognize that to maintain our competiveness we must sustain the ability to obtain and retain talented professionals and thus, we constantly seek individuals that can compliment our existing team and are able to carry the torch, so to speak, as we move into new opportunities of targeted growth and opportunities.

Complimentary to our standards, our teaming partners provide additional benefits when choosing our firm for your needs, allowing broad focused industry reach-back and long time industry leaders as mentors to our aim.